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Helped HubSpot Agency

Case Study: How I have helped HubSpot agency to set-up entire development & sales teams, tools & process

Client Background

This company was one of the growing HubSpot agencies in North India with a team of SEO, graphic, and 2 HubSpot developers. The founder of the agency wanted to make his 3 years old agency one of the leading HubSpot one-stop-shops by targeting niche clients with a good customer support team.

The Situation of the client:

  • The company was 3 years with few digital marketers and only 2 HubSpot developers.
  • Target of becoming one of the leading HubSpot agency was not possible with only 2 developers
  • Existing developers were not so expert with Hubspot’s ecosystem. They were in the learning phase and had their own different strengths.
  • Both the developers were most of the time dependent on HubSpot’s customer support team to get the solution of their problems or can say get more clarity.
  • Just like other small startups, the company’s unorganized structure and processes provided some challenges to achieve the desired goals in the set timeframe.
  • They had no Project management tool to assign and manage tasks.

Primary Goals of the client:

  1. Increase the sale of HubSpot development projects and CMS subscriptions.
  2. Build a strong team of HubSpot Developers including web designs, frontend developers and full-stack developers to handle other technology stack projects.
  3. Streamline the process of the agency and fill in the gaps by introducing new processes.
  4. The goal of the agency was to become a mix of both Service and Product based agency.

My Strategies & Its Results:

  1. Similar to most of the startups this startup also needed to have more skilled manpower in the different areas of Development (e.g. HubSpot Developers, Frontend Developments & Web Designers. For almost 2 months we interviewed several candidates and hired 14 new professionals so that we can:-

     handle client’s HubSpot and other projects.
     have a dedicated team to work on the HubSpot apps/products for HubSpot Marketplace
     have a team to support queries and issues of customers who purchase our products (themes, landing pages or modules) from the HubSpot marketplace.

  2. To manage the projects I introduced ClickUp project tool and worked on the:

    →  To set up all the projects of the agency
    →  Conduct workshop and tutorial videos for the team of 48 employees and provided 1-1 training to the employees.

  3. To increase the sales number my strategy was:

    → Hired new sales professionals and built a sales team of 5 members
    → To tap target US & Canadian clients I started a night and rotating shift for 6 months and results were impressive as we were able to interact with the target audience with a quick turnaround time.

  4. To create marketing and sales strategy in other ways I created few marketing campaigns for existing and past clients. Luckily, we earned new clients.

  5. To improve the brand visibility and credibility I worked with the sales and digital marketing team on:-

    → To create detailed case studies of all the past projects (both HubSpot and Non-HubSpot Projects) and highlight all the features and provided value of each project
    → SEO of the website to increase the ranking in Google and other searches. 

  6. Did aggressive social media marketing for the 2 months which helped to win 2 agency partners which later on turned into the most valuable clients and played a key role in the growth of the company. 

  7. So when we had the team I worked to design a new process and, through an agile development process, built a system that became the primary interface for the customer and development team. Every project information was first collected by the Business Analyst so that they can create respective documents (e.g. Wireframes, BRD/SRS/FRD, User stories etc..) and hand them over to the development team.

The Output

New Clients

Agency Ties-ups which increased number of monthly leads and projects

New Team Member

Hire IT professionals and increased team strength from 2 to 18+ employees (Developers, Sales and Digital Marketers) within 2 months 

10+ New Processes

Introduced ClickUp project management tool, Create several automations+workflows, Automated the internal processes from sales, marketing, hiring to operations which helped company to save more than 70% of time and lot of money

Client's Review

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