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Helped a Tech Company

Case Study: How I have helped a tech company to increase their customer acquisition volume & streamline processes

Client Background

The company just celebrated its 1st anniversary when I met the founder of this tech startup. It was a team of 7 employees. The company is into the website (also mobile application) design & development.


  • The company had no online presence except the old traditional website with a lot of content and stock images which was not helping for any conversion
  • The company did some good projects within the first year of business but it was badly showcased on the website which was not creating any strong authority 
  • The clients had no point of contact except the founder to manage the day-to-day activities. Team, Clients, and Founder all were struggling to have a clear and direct communication without wasting much time
  • Just like other small startups, the company’s unorganized structure and processes provided some challenges to achieve in the desired goals in the set timeframe

My Strategies & Its Results

This startup needed to have more manpower in the different departments so that we can divide the work among them to have the expert hand-holding. So that the founder can turn to their customers and start paying close attention to the problems, and needs of existing clients and bring new business to the company. 

So the strategy was simple (on paper but challenging in real). I attacked the problem at its most critical bottleneck and worked on the following tasks closely with the founder:

  • Create a strong online presence by tapping all the major social media platforms and business directories.
  • Created detailed case studies of all the past projects (both website and mobile applications) and highlighted all the features and advantages of each software.
  • Did aggressive social media marketing for the 3 months which helped to win 4 agency partners which later on turned into the most valuable clients and played a key role in the growth of the company. 
  • It was hard to find skilled IT professionals in the city where the company was located. Most of the population of the city was (at that time) into manufacturing and other industries but I worked closely with the HR department and built a team of 35+ employees within the next 4 months.
  • So when we had the team I worked to design a new process and, through an agile development process, built a system that became the primary interface for the customer and development team. Every project information was first collected by the Business Analyst so that they can create respective documents (e.g. Wireframes, BRD/SRS/FRD, User stories, etc..) and hand over to the development team


Client Acquisition

Agency Ties-ups which increased number of monthly leads and projects

Employee Retention

Hire IT professionals and increased team strength from 7 to 35+ employees within 4 months (in non-IT city) 

1 %

Automated the internal processes from sales, marketing, project management to operations which helped company to save more than 50% of time and lot of money

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