People and Organization

If people are your most important asset it makes sense to invest in them accordingly. World-class people and organizational capabilities are a source of competitive advantage. Successful organizations are agile and focused, with the right leaders in the right positions. They have strong change management capabilities and the flexibility to embrace new ways of working in an age of constant digital disruption and high-paced evolution.

I have worked with startups and tech agencies to help leaders become more inspirational, managers more capable, front-line employees more responsive to customer needs and organizations better-equipped to meet a range of talent needs.

      Are you stuck with these questions?

  • Should my organization nurture talent from
    existing team or attract it from outside?
  • How successful is my organization in engaging
    and retaining key employees?
  • Is my talent strategy actually working and helping my organization to save money or do I need to revise it?
  • Does my organisation have a talent-retention strategy and are current processes aligned to it?
  • Is employee performance directly affecting the
    financial performance of my organisation?
  • What is the best approach to identification and
    management of high potential employees?

Talent Management

A majority of companies anticipate serious talent management issues and plan to modify their talent strategies to address them in the coming years. Grooming existing talent to achieve competitive advantage has become inevitable for organisations. I will focus on the following areas:

Internal Process Restructuring or Organisation effectiveness

You’ve started your business​ ​but you’re stuck to achieve the desired growth. It may be because your internal processes aren't clearly defined or ​you don’t have the right skilled professional ​in​ ​your​ ​business​ ​who is​ ​really​ ​qualified​ ​to​ take you to the next level along with you. 

How I can help here

     Are you stuck with these questions?

  • Can project delivery be improved by building
    new processes or hire additional teams to deliver best service to customer or cross/ip-selling new services/products?
  • Can operating costs be reduced or optimized by
    optimizing my organisational structure?
  • How should tasks be divided between the
    different branches and respective teams?
  • How can my organisation be realigned to make it
    more customer-focused?

     Are you stuck with these questions?

  • Can project delivery be improved by building
    new processes or hire additional teams to deliver best service to customer or cross/ip-selling new services/products?
  • Do all my employees know clearly what is expected from them in their respective roles?
  • Do all my employees understand the strategy sufficiently to perform them better?
  • Are right behaviours promoted, rewarded and
    unwanted behaviours appropriately penalised?

Performance Alignment

Performance alignment addresses the ‘alignment gap’ between strategic intent and what actually goes on in the business on a day-to-day basis.

So I anchor my diagnostic and assurance work on performance management within the performance alignment framework

How I can help here

They trusted my skills

Aman helped me flesh out core values for my event business. He is a very insightful and thoughtful person. He was instrumental in helping us frame the issue around process improvement and getting us "unstuck".

He guided me to build my website. He stayed in constant communication and we developed a dialog that helps advance my goals. It was as if he was on my team! I would highly recommend Amandeep for Business Process Improvements (Management Consultancy) and to build your next software.
Kaval Kaur
Founder, ShaadiKnots

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