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About Me

I'm Aman - Software & Management Consultant

I’ve been knee-deep in the tech industry for around 9 years. In this journey, I’ve helped IT executives improve their bottom lines by getting rid of wasteful activities, improving communication, and teamwork in their key business processes. Before that, I held a number of senior executive positions in a few companies.

I recognize that most problems with business performance are due to one or more of the following causes:

If you are thinking about getting some outside help, let’s talk it over and find out if my expertise is a good fit to find relevant solutions. There is no hard sell. Either I can help you or I can’t, and it is pretty easy to tell. If I am not the right person, I can usually suggest someone who might be.

Can I Help In Your Business?

Management Consultancy
Consultancy To Startups
Process Discovery
Documentation Services
Process Improvement
Process Training
Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
Software Development
Digital Transformation
Project Management
Web Development
Mobile Development
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