To grow your business - either you need to create clear & result-driven processes or take the core of what your company does and improve it to make it more profitable

I help businesses with:

- Improve their Internal Business Processes, get rid of wasteful activities, and increase Organization Effectiveness.

- To build/redesign your software (website or mobile app) as a means for helping you generate more revenue.

- Agile Project Management: Hire me to handle your IT projects & global teams

Your Process, Employees & Brand Are The Lifeblood Of Your Business

But There’s a Problem…

It doesn’t need to be like that…

I’ve helped several businesses to solve their business problems that helped them to achieve their goals and now I’m ready to help you. The result is an improvement in their teamwork and revenue

I do all of this in one of 3 ways

Growth Driven - Software Development | Website+Mobile Apps
GowthDesign-VS-Tradional Approach

I'll build your next website or mobile app with a Growth-Driven Design approach

I can help you with:


End-to-end Agile Project Management (web & mobile app projects)

I can help you with:

Process Improvement | Management Consultant

Organize your processes & bring efficiency - Helping Teams to Help Themselves

I can help you with:

Few Businesses I helped

Case study

Helped HubSpot Agency To Set-Up Entire Development & Sales Teams, Tools & Process

Areas where I worked:

Case study

How I've helped a tech company to increase their customer acquisition volume & Streamline Processes

Areas where I worked:


Why Me?

I recognize that most problems with business performance are due to one or more of the following causes:

Ready to work together?

I believe process is the key to success in any team. I’ve looked for ways to improve it at every job I’ve had.

Still not convinced to work together?

I understand that and it's pretty normal. Here is another way to find out if we are a good fit for each other by reading the book I wrote explaining how to create result-driven business processes for your organization.

This book will help you to get an idea about my working style & you'll learn about:

This will help you to acquire the skills to improve business processes within your organization.

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Hear from them

Aman helped me flesh out core values for my event business. He is a very insightful and thoughtful person. He was instrumental in helping us frame the issue around process improvement and getting us "unstuck".

Kaval Kaur
Founder, ShaadiKnots
Amandeep has strong analytical skills which are further enhanced by his solid management background and his ability for learning. He is efficient in planning projects, punctual in meeting, and works extremely well with clients, coworkers, and executives. I highly recommend him.
Maninder Kaur
HR Manager, Technocrats Horizons
He understands what is required to get the job done. Hard worker and always willing to learn.

Akshay Jain
Director and Founder, DNA Growth

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So what's your biggest challenge?

If you are thinking about getting some outside help, let’s talk it over and find out if my expertise is a good fit to find relevant solutions. There is no hard sell. Either I can help you or I can’t, and it is pretty easy to tell. If I am not the right person, I can usually suggest someone who might be.

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